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 The Future is Now

Drone Zone AI offers consumers the fastest, safest and most efficient method for home roof inspections, delivering professional, impartial and comprehensive reports!

Eliminate the need for a roofer to climb onto your roof for inspection. This can be hazardous and may lead to further issues, leaving homeowners liable. Why not remove human error and potential bias from roofers, inspectors or insurance adjusters, along with personal liability?

This systematic and proven approach prioritizes customers by providing trustworthy information and reliability. Advancements in technology now enable cost-effective, accurate and dependable results, delivering real-time data and extensive details.

Hi-Tech Drones, equipped with State-of-the-Art Cameras producing High-Resolution Photography using Artificial Intelligence Software, greatly enhance the roof inspection process.

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Zone Drone AI Services

Advanced Drone Roof Inspections • Roof Replacement Estimates • Detailed Storm, Wind & Hail Damage Analysis Reports • High-Definition Aerial Photography • Artificial Intelligence Software • Certified Drone Pilots • Insurance Claim Representation • Roof Repair & Installation

Home Buyer Beware!

Friend to Realtors, Homebuyers & Sellers

One of the most overlooked issues during the home buying and selling process is an adequate roof inspection. For liability purposes, most traditional home inspectors are not allowed by their company to climb on the roof thus providing a disclaimer. With the high expense of a new roof, an in-depth condition evaluation need not be neglected. Drone Zone AI solves the problem with fast, professional, high-tech roof inspections.

Professional Claims Specialists

Put your home in the zone

Drone Zone AI comes to the aid of realtors and homeowners alike! Our staff provides expert advice and assistance in the claims process when sufficient damage to the roof is detected. This low-cost service may offer savings of thousands of dollars for a new buyer and/or seller helping save in negotiations!

Visit our YouTube Channel to see a demonstration of the drones being used for AI inspections.

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Roof Age and Weather

Concerned with the condition of your Roof?

Drone Zone AI’s technology allows us to capture the condition based on the age of the roof. Many homes have weather-related roof damage that can go undetected. Our technology delivers a more transparent and comprehensive analysis of roof conditions that can lead to replacement coverage through homeowners’ insurance.

Drone Zone AI Roofing Partners

These companies use Drone Zone AI for their roofing inspection services. Let’s schedule your inspection today.

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You Need an Expert

Drone Pilots working commercially are required to be trained and certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) Pilots. The FAA operates strict rules and regulations to protect the public and safeguard the operation of drones for commercial use. Our pilots maintain FAA Certification as Drone UAS/UAV Pilot, FAA Part 107 Certification. Learn more…

Experience & Integrity

Drone Zone AI Inc. is changing the way roof inspections are conducted. The company is led by a team of professionals who bring their expertise from the roofing, construction, real estate and drone inspection industries, including Buddy Boone, Brian Stamps, David Boone and Rhett Davis. Drone Zone AI is committed to revolutionizing the roof inspection process with cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service. Learn more…

Pictured above are partners Brian Stamps, Buddy Boone, David Boone and Rhett Davis in front of the Drone Zone AI office at 329 E. Clayton St., Suite 442, Athens, Georgia, 30601.
Photo of hands holding a drone control with an IPad holder attached to the controller

Explore Our Business Opportunity

Drone Zone AI offers flexible part-time or full-time roles with unlimited earning potential. Embark on an exciting and innovative career path with us, supported by professionalism, certification, and comprehensive training. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or seeking to enhance your skills, join our team and unlock a world of opportunity. Learn more…

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Join forces with us in the Zone! By partnering with Realtors and delighted customers, Drone Zone AI can offer significant financial benefits through our referral program. (Contact us for further information.) Join us as partners, and everyone comes out ahead. Learn more…

Drone Zone AI is a Georgia-based company dedicated to providing safe, efficient and reliable drone-based roof inspections. 

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